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Photo of Shara
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— Shara, Virginia

Photo of Kara
"Luminate has offered me the ability to work with an amazing group of people, without the limitations of a time schedule. I couldn't be more pleased."

— Kara, Connecticut

Photo of Rica
"I feel I have stepped out onto the red carpet everyday when I login as an 'Expert' with Luminate. Everything here is first class, professional, and exciting! The other experts are a pleasure to work with and the corporate staff are always working to find better ways to make shopping fun. I love Luminate!"

— Rica, Florida

Photo of Shirley
"As a stay-at-home mother of two, Luminate has been a blessing. Not only am I able to work when I want and as much as I want, but it's with a great group of people. Who wouldn't love to shop all day!"

— Shirley, Georgia

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